Useful Links

Other Sex Worker Directories


Alternative Practices Directories and Associations


  • The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists


  • The World Association of Sex Coaches


  • Shakti Tantra (UK)
    Shakti Tantra runs workshops in pleasure and some of its practitioners specialise in seeing disabled clients


Sex Worker Resources


  • National Ugly Mugs

NUM is a non-profit, voluntary association of agencies & individuals working with sex workers.



Support and Advice for Escorts

Independent Escorts supporting each other. Advice on every aspect of the industry and forum for advice, support, fun, networking etc.

Safety app for Sex Workers


Disability and Sex Resources

  • Outsiders Club
    An online international club which welcomes people with physical and social disabilities to join their club, make new friends, enjoy peer support and find partners.
  • Enhance the Uk

    The Sexual Health and Disability Alliance for health and social care professionals. Meets twice a year in London discuss supporting disabled clients and patients in their sexual expression. An International network is also in action.

Research and Reading

  • Sex Work Research Hub

Up to date UK research on the industry


  • The Naked Anthropologist

Dr Laura Agustín on Migration, Sex work, Trafficking and the Rescue Industry – Essential reading for those who believe most sex workers are trafficked.


  • Revolting Prostitutes

Book on the fight for Sex Worker rights from a fully Intersectional model.

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