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Thank you for your interest in registering as a service provider with the TLC Trust. A Provider is someone who provides sexual services to our members.

Before making an application please read our Advice for Providers and the Important Information below before making your application.

Advice for Providers

Your Profile


Without meaning to teach you how to suck eggs! Please complete the list in your profile stating what disabilities/illnesses/symptoms you are happy to work with. (These may be things you have experience of, either in a work or personal setting or just things that you know won’t be an issue for you). 

Please give clients the choice of emailing or phoning you as not everyone can talk clearly on the phone and not everybody can type easily on a phone or computer. 

Give potential clients as much information about you as possible. If you are already a Sexual Service Provider then a link to your work site will be required. 

If you experience problems with a client and would like to warn other others, please inform us as they may have a membership with us and use other safety systems such as       National Ugly Mugs     Client Eye                      Support and Advice for Escorts


Working with Clients with Disabilities.

 etcWhilst we are aware that clients with disabiiites are just as likely as able-bodied clients to be timewasters – please give a little more patience as communication issues may be down to a learning difficulty, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Aquired Brain Injury,  problems typing or speaking or just plain old nerves. Please give clear and direct instructions on your expectations of them and ask them to do the same with you.

Bear in mind you may be contacted by a family member, friend or professional on behalf of a client if their disability means that they cannot call or email you.

Be prepared to discuss the session at length in advance, to ensure you have enough information about somebody’s potentially complex needs. Think about:

  • The nature of their impairment and anything you need to know about it.
  • Can they visit you? Is your place accessible to them? If not and you are doing an outcall, will support staff be present on the premises? Can support staff get them ready for your arrival?
  • The time required and how they can maximise their time – such as ensuring that they are ready when you arrive or allowing them extra time to get up your stairs, helping them undress etc. 
  • What their needs are? Many may seek an education on how to enjoy their bodies and how to please a partner. Some may be more focused on relaxation, kisses and cuddles. Some may like a massage if this is a service you offer. Some may be very aware of themselves as sexual beings and know exactly what they want. This may include kinks and fetishes. They should have checked that you offer these services already!
  • How the money will be paid and is there going to be a deposit?
  • You may need to find out how they like to be touched and they should tell you if anything you do feels uncomfortable. Most people assume that someone with a disabled body needs gentleness but it may be quite the opposite.
  • Striptease artists may want to work out how to please each client, for example if they are blind, might you let them smell you or even touch you, with your guidance?

Important Information

Inclusion is not automatic as your application will be reviewed by the TLC Trust team. You will be sent email updates confirming the status of your application.

All current Sex Work providers are required to have either an exisiting private website or profile set up on a legitimate and reputable adult platform such as AdultWork or SleepyBoy. Furthermore, the contact details you provide us with here, must match those on your exisiting website/Adult profile.

Non Sex Work applicants will need to go through a  Pre Application Induction and interview with one of the TLC admin team. 

A Code of Conduct for Providers is currently being written following some safeguarding issues. As is a Screening/Safeguarding and Confidentiality Policy. 

To complete this application you will need:

– An image of a valid Photo ID (E.g. driving licence  or passport)

– Your 12 digit DBS certificate number (if available)

New Provider Registration Form

Photographic Identification
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Coronavirus Notice

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Because social distancing is a requirement of all citizens we would strongly encourage you to follow the Government's advice.


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