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Members’ Golden Rules

You must have either a disability, disabling illness, learning difficulty, mental illness or be ASD. You can evidence this in a variety of ways including parking permits, receipt of certain benefits and letters from doctors or any other professional.

If you are already a member of The Outsiders then this also qualifies you. 

You might wish to purchase a sexual service, but you don’t know what to expect or how to ask for things. Think – plan – then contact to book. 

  • Please treat the service providers advertising on this site with the same respect you would any other professional. They experience a lot of people wasting their time and can have a decreased tolerance if they think you are messing them around. Think how you would book a hair appointment and do this the same way.

  • Read their profile thoroughly before making any initial contact. Check that they offer the services that you would like to try and that they are happy to work with the illness/disability/symptoms that you have. Check if they are happy to travel or not. There is no point contacting a provider and asking a load of questions that they have spent time and effort putting into their advert. They will probably consider you a timewaster and not engage.

  • If you do not have a profile, then give the service provider information they need to know such as your living situation, where you would like to meet, your disability/symptoms etc. 

  • Do not talk or act in an abusive or threatening manner to service providers or other members. 

  • Do not talk sexually to a potential provider until you have met them and paid for a service. They are not there to talk to you for free. There are telephone sex chat or text lines available for that. Tell them which services you would like but do not expect sex talk when making a booking. 

  • Do not post, send or share any explicit images. 

  • Do not haggle. 
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