Sexual Pleasures

69 – mutual, simultaneous oral sex

Adult Baby Play – wearing baby clothes, having your nappy changed, playing in a playpen and be suckled by a mummy

Anal play – penetration of the anus with finger

Anal sex – penetration of the anus with penis or dildo

Aural Sex – getting off on erotic sounds and words

BDSM – Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism

Bear – Big, hairy gay man

Bi/bisexual – sexually interested in both genders

Blow Job – oral stimulation of the penis (may also use hands)

Breathing to reach orgasm – a technique of breathing rhythmically (and sometimes grunting) in order to produce an orgasm, something which usually needs to be taught by a Tantric or Taoist practitioner

Bottom – a sexually submissive person

Boy – playing with a Daddy for a BDSM relationship

Branding – the use of heat to make a permanent mark or design on someone’s body

Breath Play or Control – careful strangulation and suffocation so that the person is safe

Bukkake lots of men ejaculating over one or more person

Butch a person who adopts ultra-masculine characteristics

Butt Plug a sex toy – for insertion into the rectum

CD/Cross Dressing – dressing up as the opposite gender. Sometimes done for sexual arousal, and sometimes to fulfil a personal need

Come Out – accept and admit to your sexuality/gender identity/kink

COF/Cum on Face – man ejaculates on woman’s face

Completion – sex which ends in orgasm

Cub – a man interested in Bears (see above)

Cunnilingus – giving a woman oral sex

Daddy – a dominant man

Docking – sliding the foreskins back and forward over each other’s penis (not safe sex) If the clitoral hood is large, a man and woman could try it

Drag – dressing up as the opposite gender

Dyke – slang term for lesbian, often offensive

Ejaculation – the final stage of male orgasm, when semen is produced. Some women ejaculate on orgasm spraying fluid which is liquid from the Skene’s glands (the paraurethral glands). Care should be taken not allow the ejaculate to enter another person’s body, as this can spread infections

Electricity Plays – stimulation using sex toys such as TENS units which can stimulate orgasm

Exhibitionism – Client may wish the sex worker to watch or else need a third party to watch him or her in action. Closed circuit TV is supplied in good brothels.

Face Sitting – where a woman sits on a man’s face for him to perform oral sex

FK/French Kissing – kissing with open mouths and using tongues

DFK – deep French Kissing

Fantasy Enactment – providing the facilities to help the client live out their fantasy, which might be anything to popping balloons to crossing a high bridge over a ravine

Fisting – placing a fist into an orifice – vagina or anus

FTM = female to male – a female who a has become a man

Genderfuck – someone who likes to dress up to look like both a man and a woman

GS Golden Shower – urinating on someone

Gangbang – one person has sex with lots of others

G-spot massage – This is massage focused in the lower front wall of the vagina: where the sensitive G-spot sits. This massage could perhaps teach a disabled woman who has trouble enjoying genital pleasure, to feel it from around her G-spot.

Handballing – placing an arm up a rectum (needs to be done with great care)

Heterosexual – Straight person, who is only attracted to the opposite gender

HH/half hour -short session

HJ = Hand job masturbation using the hand

Intimacy – implies a closeness and familiarity, can be a euphemism for sexual acts

Kegel grip – contracting the Kegel muscles in the vagina to clench on the penis when inside the woman.

Little Blue Helper -Viagra

LGBTQ+ – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and any other sexuality or gender identity

Lipstick Lesbian – very feminine Lesbian

“MILF” mother I’d like to fuck – fancying older women

MTF – male to female somebody who has changed gender from male to female

Mutual Masturbation – both parties masturbate beside each other

Oral Sex – involving the stimulation of the genitalia with the mouth

OWO – oral sex without a condom

Over the Knee – spanking

Outcall – service provider visit client in hotel or client’s home

Privates to privates – rubbing genitals together without penetration

Partialism – an erotic attraction to a body part

Prostate Massage – involves an internal massage of the prostate gland (reached through the anus). This area of the body is rich in nerve endings and will lead to orgasm. This is useful for disabled men, those with spina bifida, who find it difficult to reach orgasm by masturbating the penis, or whose orgasms are weak

Poppers – amyl nitrate, which is inhaled to raise the heartbeat during orgasm

Queer – a person who is not heterosexual and may differ from binary genders

Rimming – oral stimulation of the anus

Sadomasochism or S&M – consensual power-play fantasy enactment for sexual arousal, using bondage and discipline, corporal punishment and/or humiliation. More recently, the preferred term is BDSM

Safe/Safer Sex – sex without allowing bodily fluids to enter the other partner, either through the avoidance of penetration, or by using a conventional condom or a female condom

Scat – sex involving faeces

Sensual Massage – massage which ends with masturbation to orgasm

Sixty-nine – mutual oral sex

Smoothie – removing all hair from your body (not head) to become pleasantly smooth

Swallow – swallowing semen

Swinging – when couples have sex with another person or partners

Tie and Tease – a game whereby one person has control over the other’s orgasm often with the use of physical restraints

Thigh dildo sex – some people whose partner cannot get an erection strap a dildo to his thigh so they can enjoy penetration while playing with is genitals

Toy Boy – a young man who is kept by his female lover

Toys (sometimes called ‘aids’) used to enhance pleasure, e.g. dildos, for penetration, vibrators to produce orgasm and floggers to inflict painNo toy has yet been created for disabled people who have limited arm movement to activate a sex toy themselves in order to achieve orgasm. Hence the importance of sex workers for them.

Vanilla – straight sex i.e. not bondage, Sadomasochism or fetishist sex

Voyeurism – watching a sex show – either spontaneous (as in “dogging”) or enacted as in striptease or lesbian or boy/girl acts

Water Sports – sex involving urination

Wax Play- dripping melted wax onto someone’s skin as an act of BDSM

Types of sex work

Agency Worker – is employed by an agency (technically illegal as the agency is profiting from the providers work)

BFE – Boyfriend Experience – Intimate Vanilla sex with a male Worker that includes deep French kissing and feels like a date or the type of sex you would have with your boyfriend.

Call Girl – old fashioned term – comes from the women who used to take bookings by telephone. Occasionally used instead of Sex Worker.

Cam Girl – Woman who provides online web-cam sexual services.

Co-operative – preferred style of work for many people as they share responsibilities and have each other for support. The chosen style of sex work, especially where it is legal, e.g. New Zealand and New South Wales, also where sex work is heavily criminalised, e.g. in Glasgow. Legally classed as a brothel if working out of the same premises but safer for those included. May just include shared advertising, safety and support network.

 Courtesan – Historically a court sex worker i.e. used by royalty and dignitaries

Cruising Rent Boy – Male who sells sex to other men he meets in the park or in the street – this is technically illegal as it counts as soliciting.

Content creator – Someone who makes porn, short video clips and takes photographs of themselves to sell online. May also provide web cam, phone and text services or may just sell their content.

Dominatrix – Sex Worker whose services are domination, bondage and humiliation, which may or may not include intercourse or other sexual relief at the end of the session.

Duo – Where two sex workers offer their services together. This is technically illegal as is classed as running a brothel.

Enabler – a friend or sex worker who comes to physically support a disabled couple to enjoy the kind of sex that they want to enjoy but cannot manage on their own.

Escort – strictly speaking a sex worker hired out through an agency. She/he visits the client in latter’s home or hotel room. Usually employs a driver to take them, wait outside and be available in case the escort is attacked or otherwise endangered. The new SOA 2003 issued to the police has made escort agencies illegal. Many independent sex workers still call themselves escorts.

Four handed massage – when two practitioners work on a client at the same time, pampering simultaneously as they create a flood of sensation all over the client’s body. This overload of stimulation makes it easier for the receiver to let themselves go. It might help a disabled person to feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that they forget their negative attitudes to their body, and perhaps the pain which it brings them. It may also be good for people with athetoid cerebral palsy, because two people might be better placed to deal with the client’s body.

Full-Service Sex Worker (FFSW) – A person who provides a full sexual service including intercourse.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience – Intimate Vanilla sex with a female Worker that includes deep French kissing and feels like a date or the type of sex you would have with your girlfriend.

Gigolo – old fashioned term for man who sells sex to women.

Honeymoon Experience – romantic and extra-passionate and intense sex (usually a sales hype).

Hostess – girl who works in a nightclub and may encourage clients to spend money on drinks.

Independent escort/sex worker – works independently either from a hotel, apartment or own home. Does not pay anyone to manage their bookings.

Madame – Woman who runs either a brothel or agency (illegal).

Maid – the person who answers the phone and books the schedule for a brothel or agency (illegal).

Masseur/Masseuse – Old fashioned term for a sex worker who either poses as a massage expert, or who really has that expertise. In this context it is expected that he/she finishes of with a hand job, blow job or full sexSome brothels run as massage ‘Parlours) NB massage therapists do not sell sex

Mistress – sometimes refers to a dominatrix, sometimes to a woman who is kept by her lover in return for sexual services, sometimes the girlfriend of a married man.

Mummy – a person who sees adult babies and may change their nappies, feed them with a bottle and provide a playpen for them to romp in.

Parlour – often used to refer to a brothel (massage parlour).

Part Timer – someone who does not rely on prostitution for a living but does it to pay off bills from time to time.

Payment in Kind – someone who trades sexual favours for rent, food etc.

Play – term usually referring to taking part in BDSM activities or swinging

Phone Sex Operator – Sex Worker who supplies verbal sex over the telephone – now often extends to Internet sex.

Porn Star Experience (PSE as opposed to GFE) – Providing a more extreme sexual service, likely to include anal or anal play, deep throating, face fucking and the type of thing seen on much current mainstream Pornography.

Pro-Dom – a professional dominatrix who works with submissives and those who enjoy submission, masochism and degradation.

Red Light Window Worker – woman who sits in a window in a red-light district to attract customers. Once the potential client has made his selection, he steps inside to negotiate, the curtains are then drawn. Only relevant in certain places in Europe.

Rent Boy -slang historical term for a male who sells sex to other men, often offensive.

Self Service – the establishment provides a chair or throne for the client to sit on and masturbated while the service provided does a striptease dance

Stripper/Pole Dancer – performs striptease or sex acts on stage in a club

Sexological Bodyworker – someone trained to provide hands-on interactions and talk to clients who have sexual blocks and problems. They wear clothes including surgical gloves to touch their clients. They will masturbate them and make them aware of all the pleasures their bodies can experience. They do not have sex with the client.

Sex Worker – name chosen by the people who provide sexual services. Covers a wide range of workers in the industry, including Porn actors, FFSW’s, Cam Girls, Strippers, Dom’s etc.

Sexual Assistants/Surrogates – the legal way to provide sexual services to disabled people in some countries. Includes qualifications, usually with a therapeutic background.

Striptease – dancing seductively and taking one’s clothes off.

Street Worker – Sex Worker who works from the street. This is solicitation and is illegal. Although there is a “Managed Area” in Leeds where this is currently being trialled.

Pro Submissive/Sub – Sex worker who wants to be controlled, dominated, sometimes caused pain and sometimes humiliated by a client who is a Dom

Sugar Baby – Usually a younger woman or man who provides a variety of services to a Sugar Daddy or Mommy in a professional relationship in exchange for money, gifts, rent or vouchers. Services may or may not include full sex, dates, texting, chatting, sharing content, webcamming.

Sugar Daddy/Mommy – “Client” in the above described relationship.

Taoist work (also sometimes written and always pronounced Daoist) – These focus on becoming aware of the circulation of energy through the body, including sexual energy, and learning to direct that flow at will

Tantric Practitioner – someone who is trained in Tantric sex and sells their skills. This teaches disabled people how to enjoy goal free sex, and enjoy touch rather than aiming at intercourse and orgasm

Touring – worker who moves to different places in the UK or abroad working from hotel rooms, flats or rented rooms.

Transformation Service Service which assists cross dressers and Transgender people to dress and feel good about themselves.

Travelling Sex Worker – sex worker who spends time in various locations selling sexual services. For example:

  • following the Arab holiday circuit, visiting London, Geneva and Paris
  • working the truck stops and service stations
  • Visiting conferences and sports events such as the Grand Prix, Waterloo Cup or Cheltenham Cup, to help the winners spend their money and gentlemen enjoy themselves away from home

Virtual Reality Sex Work – where the client pays to see themselves making love with someone


Places where sex work takes place

Bar – certain bars worldwide specialise in prostitution, usually providing music for dancing. Indeed, it was these bars of New Orleans where jazz evolved. In the Caribbean and Central America, some bars allow tourists and families to come inside to eat and drink and soak up the atmosphere. In Singapore the place to buy sex is in the Karaoke bars!


Legally, a Brothel is classed as any property with more than one provider working from it. So thereby criminalising workers who share properties for financial reasons, safety, communal working. Even hiring two workers to provide a ‘Duo’ is illegal because it means 2 workers are working in one property. Workers are campaigning to get this law changed.

Organised Brothels can be run from anywhere including mansions, houses, flats, shacks or boats, catering to customers who come for sex. They usually provide a choice of sex worker and clients may watch them parade in front of them to make their selection. Some brothels specialise in gay sex or Sadomasochism. Some provide a menu of services. They are often carefully designed so that clients never meet each other on the staircase.

Some places that call themselves massage parlours are, in fact, brothels.

Cars (include trucks, campervans) – Some workers will either be picked up off the street directly into the client’s vehicle. Some work out of camper van’s themselves. Some will do pre-arranged meets with a client in their car, van or truck.

Clients Home – many FFSW’s offer outcall’s to people’s own homes.

Dungeons – also called Party Space, Parlour or Playroom – An apartment, house, room or basement kitted out with equipment for BDSM (Bondage, Discipline or Sadomasochism). Equipment might include a rack, suspension device, whipping bench, testicle constrictor, whips, paddles, a kennel, TV clothing and bath. May be used by one Dominatrix or a team of Doms and Subs.

Escort Agency – Agency which hires out escorts for a fee. The escort may make a separate deal for supplying sex but usually the fee is set by the Agency and they take a percentage.

Fantasy Parlour – like a dungeon but catering to a wider range of fantasies, for example balloon popping and theatrical scenarios

Health Club (for men) – exclusively male brothels

Hotel – Some Sex Workers hire hotel room’s to work from and some will visit clients in hotel rooms that the client has booked.  

Hotel Bar Worker -Sex Worker who sits in hotel bars and finds customers, negotiates the deal over a drink and then does the business upstairs in one of the hotel rooms (which she or he has hired). Not common any more in the UK due to the explosion of internet advertising.

Independent Premises – Flats may be rented long term or holiday lets/catered apartments. Or some workers work out of their own homes.

Massage Parlour – establishment where clients usually pay for massage at the front desk before entering a private room for sexual pleasure. They negotiate a tip for extras with the sex worker.

Online see Webcam worker

Orgy Club – specially designed houses and clubs, traditionally in Switzerland and Belgium providing a bevy of females for clients to enjoy group sex with. Now becoming the latest trend in Britain, with male clients being charged around £120 for the evening’s orgy, usually taking place in the organiser’s home

Phone Lines – either independent or through a company who takes a percentage. Due to technology most phone line Sex Workers can work from home.

Sitting in Window – see Red Light Window Worker – only relevant in certain places in Europe

Sauna – like a Massage Parlour or Health Club but the preferred term in the North of Britain. Usually has a Jacuzzi and sauna facilities, with cubicles off the side for sex.

Sex Motel – in Japan, USA, Central and South America and the Caribbean, fantasy hotels are popular, providing bedrooms with romantic and erotic décor. Some of these hotels also provide partners.

Street – see Street Worker

Theme Brothel – brothels in Japan are often given themes so that the clients enter a fantasy world. For example, the interior of a tube train is recreated and the clients can fondle and “molest” the females traveling in the same carriage. These are very popular and themes may be changed on a monthly basis.

Turkish Bath – similar to Health Club

Various Places – see Travelling Sex Worker

Types of client

Bachelor Party – group of men who club together to hire some sex workers in order to enjoy a sex party

Couple – lovers who visit a sex worker together for a threesome or for one to watch the other enjoying him or herself

Kerb Crawler – person who drives slowly hoping to hire a street worker

John – slightly derogatory word for a man who pays women for sex

No Show -a client who books an appointment but fails to turn upSometimes the client loses the urge once they reach the door, or they become too nervous or guilt-ridden to keep the booking but they should cancel and apologise, offering a cancellation fee.

Punter – vernacular word for client

Slave – client who seeks to be treated badly, maybe trampled on or shouted at, told what to do or made to serve the sex worker

Sub – client who seeks corporal punishment, humiliation bondage or a scary experience

Time Waster – someone who wastes a sex workers time by talking or texting with no intention of making a booking or who books with no intention of turning up

Ugly Mug –  for an abusive client.

Voyeur – client who wants to watch the sex worker put on a display and perhaps masturbate

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