TLC Trust is a non-profit branch of the Outisders Trust, whose registered address is: ADD TEXT HERE




Collectively, all parties and websites identified above are hereafter referred to as “TLC”.


 TLC are committed to ensuring that all users of our site have a positive experience. Despite our best efforts, issues may arise in which you (the site user, member or provider) may have cause for complaint.

In the event of such an occurence we would please ask you to contact us directly and promptly:

Please email: and provide the following information:

– Your full name

– A description/detailed information about the nature of your complaint

– Additional contact details for you that you would be happy for us to use to contact you to further deal with your complaint.


What to expect

After making your complaint, we will review the details and further investigate as much as we can within our power and within the legal limits of the United Kingdom. If your complaint is with the TLC Trust directly, it will be presided over impartially by the Board of Trustees.

Whilst we can not guarantee the outcome of any complaint, we will endeavour to resolve the issu to your satisfaction as quickly as possible, and within 1 month.

Please be patient, as TLC do not have a large dedicated team, and are a volunteer run, non-profit organisation.

TLC will ensure you receive a clear response detailing the outcome of your complaint. 

Coronavirus Notice

Social distancing is a requirement of all UK citizens. More information on what you are permitted to do under the current conditions can be found on the Government's Website.

Because social distancing is a requirement of all citizens we would strongly encourage you to follow the Government's advice.


Thank you for reading

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