Hi there I’m Rhys and welcome to the TLC Trust page. I suffer from a life threatening muscle wasting condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). I have lost the use of my entire body I am confined to a wheelchair and permanently bound to a respirator. I only have the use of my thumb which I drive my chair with. For most of us disabled and able bodied alike sexuality and sexual identity is very important, it is part of who we are. It is important to feel sexy and wanted at least some of the time, it promotes a healthy wellbeing and is great for the mental health. Gives us a spring in our step or a bounce in our wheels. For some people who find it very difficult to go out and find another because of physical or mental barriers or whatever challenges they have to face. Physical or sexual contact is the Holy Grail and is priceless. For some of us it is the believe that this will never happen to us and is a quest that can consume our entire lives, the unreachable goal. imagine being a young person with a life limiting condition your clock is already ticking and the fragility of a short life is all to apparent, where each and every day is a precious gift. Imagine having the belief that you are completely unattractive to the opposite sex when all you are seeking is affection and human contact. This can leave you feeling very isolated and unconfident fuelling anxiety and a negative mentality, society has given you the impression that you will never achieve a relationship in the long term, and the immediate thought that you will never have sexual intercourse in the first instance, haunts your consciousness on a daily basis.

I am now 32 and I have been a client since I was 18 years old, I have seen the negatives and there are a few. But I have also seen the positives of what escorting has to offer. The most positive thing that has come from it for me, is my own personal confidence it has transformed me from what I once considered my former shell and done wonders for my social awkwardness and done wonders for my mental health. I have developed tools which I use it daily life through forming bonds and connections even lifelong friendships and yes even the occasional relationship all thought escorting. I have learned so much from knowing these girls and am so grateful for the advice and lessons I have learned from the girls that took me under the wing  I am the man I am today  thanks to escorting and I owe a lot of who I am to the people I’ve met along the way. It’s very true and I am living fact that sexually experience can help us find who we truly are. It has in Many ways created a monster lol in a good way. Now it’s all according who you are and what’s important to you and what you campion. I will tell you there is not a single sexual situation, no female to pretty or confidant that will intimidate me anymore and I don’t fear a lot anymore. It has made me a man who truly enjoys women and it goes beyond sex and attraction I can truly enjoy a woman, scrap that I can truly enjoy a person for who they are. It has made me honestly 100% open minded beyond the act of intercourse I am now capable of having a genuine relationship with almost anyone on a cellular emotional spiritual level. It has taught me that a connection is the most precious thing and individual can achieve. I have achieved loving long term relationship all from the confidence that seeing escorts gave me. I am a shining example of the positivity that can be found in escorting.

We at TLC are all about changing attitudes and fighting society’s stigma about disability’s and sex. We want to reinforce positivity and breath fresh air into the I can’t have mentally. Giving a chance for every disabled person to breathe and find them self’s sexually bringing confidence and inspiring them to find happens. We believe that ever person regardless of physical or mental ability has the god given wright to have physical intimacy and a sexual experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic of skin to skin contact and to feel special and wanted. Sexual intercourse is something that some take for granted and sometimes can be over complicated, but we want to take it back to basics as we now intercourse and intimacy is so crucial to a person’s development  regardless of the age a person chooses to lose their virginity, or have intimacy. Reassuring and giving them belief that they can find a partner of their own one day, if they so choose. Sexual experiences are often a very important factor to helping person find they’re identity and show them who they really are.

As a young client I wish I had a place like TLC to guide me on my journey of sexual discovery, a place where I could find others who understood my predicament. It can be a very lonely place when you feel no one understand. In the early 2000s when I first discovered I needed to explore my sexuality, there were no such sites that centralized escorts like Adult Work, there were only individual escort’s sites of independent escorts. The most common type of contact was phone call OMG! For a young man who had little to no social skills and frankly terrified of beautiful woman. well all women actually, boy how times have changed lol. This was a utility terrifying and almost impossible prospect but I was on my own so if I wanted it. it had to be done. At the time there were mostly only client revue pages such as Punter Net, to this day is an unfriendly place for escorts and some clients were punters would sometimes slate escorts unfairly and cruelly and mostly only negative horror stories. For a young disabled client this negativity scared me and gave me anxiety about calling a sex worker.

Occasionally I would speak to a girl that had been hurt by these revue pages and clients. They would already be on the defensive but mostly not their fault, these women were cold and snappy and very scary it would often shake my confidence and reduce my to tears.  As I got used to calling escorts a hard task in itself, one question always haunted proceedings. DO YOU SEE DISABLED CLIENTS? This was always the first humiliating question I would have to ask. I will tell you that rejection is awful for a disabled man its terrible hurtful and hard. But rejection when you want to pay for a service will absolutely obliterate your mental health and put you in a deep well of depression. When I was successful in booking you would have to explain your condition uncomfortable at the best of times, when you see the escort it was never a onetime visit. As I am disabled in most ways accept one lol, it’s was often an hour booking to teach oral relief and another booking to teach penetrative. Not for one minute I am trying to say that they didn’t know what they were doing. But firstly it can be very intimidating seeing a client as disabled as myself the first time, the fear off hurting me maybe. secondly the logistics of moving me were often mind blowing combined with some of the girls need to sometimes take advantage of this, hell il say it “ take the piss” lol. It became very costly and not cost effective.

But here comes the absolute game changer. TLC this blows a cool blast of fresh positive air over everything. It positively annihilated ever single negative I have just addressed. Mark my world in time TLC will revolutionize the sex industry in terms of disabled people seeking a sexual experience. Brace your self’s here comes the positivity. Firstly the elephant in the room can go take a hike “DO YOU SEE DISABLED CLIENTS” absolutely 1000% yes we bloody do, praise the lord it’s a miracle finally lmao. You will never how to ask that question ever again and rejection is more or less out the window. Thanks to the member sign up you will never have to explain your condition as it will be written down. Every sex worker who signs up to TLC is vetted so gone are the days of taking advantage. He or she will already know you are disabled and will already have a basic understanding of your condition. Everything will be out in the open before your first booking so it’s going to ensure value for money and an enjoyable experience for both escort and client. And the most positive thing about TLC is, there is safety in numbers for both disabled person and escort this is a friendly, accepting community and is conducted in a safe and respectful environment that spreads equality and acceptance for everyone. Thank you so much TLC

Rhys Lloyd Bowler

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