Profile: Ethical Slut

About Me

I’m mature (51 years old), flexible (I teach yoga), intelligent (I have a PhD) and highly sensual (try me!). I love touch. I’m also extremely well qualified, having worked with marginalised people and people with disabilities for many years in various settings. I’m also motivated primarily by compassion, towards myself and others, and I don’t see erotic contact as being separate from other forms of loving expression.

What I Offer You

Massage which is slow and intimate and uses Tantra exercises to slow and deepen the breath, and thus intensify the experience (I’m not a trained Tantra masseuse, however: I’m a trained yoga teacher). Oral and manual stimulation, penetration (vaginal only). Kissing. GFE. Light touch, like a feather, to open your awareness to touch; breathwork to deepen connection; holding.

Access At My Place

Not really possible because I live in a shared house which I don’t own. There may be exceptional circumstances where it is possible, but only in rare cases.

Visiting You

Happy to. Travel within 30 minutes of South Dublin. Travel further for an agreed compensationary amount.

My Ideal Client

Full of curiosity, into this because they want to see how much pleasure they can experience, clean and respectful of me and themselves, kind and understanding that I’m human too, humorous, relaxed, intelligent, generous.

My contact details

Phone: 00353861286449


Hours:  Varies: generally Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and then either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Charges:  250 euro for 90 minute sessions