Profile: Alexandra Monsell

About Me

Hello there *waves* My name is Alex and I’m 27. I’ve always been told I am a free spirit who loves to explore the world around me and everyone in it. I was a wheelchair user for over ten years until I had some extreme corrective surgery which opened up a whole new world to me! So when I say I understand some of the frustrations experienced by other disabled people, I genuinely mean it! I have always been a sexually charged person, for as long as I can remember I loved going around naked and thought about my sexual desires. I have encountered my fair share of accidents when exploring my sexual side when I was younger, falling out of the bed on more then one occasion while spasuming violently always brought me laughter as well as my understanding partners =). I am a very tactile person, who loves to be sensual and feast on the 5 senses. I am very easy going, fun and open. With my sexuality as well as in general, I have never come across anything that has shocked me yet and I don’t for see it happening =)

What I Offer You

I offer a sensual experience with you in mind the whole time. I love touching and feeling, and overall closeness. Getting to know the mind as well as the body! There is nothing to shy away from, if you enjoy it or think you might enjoy it… Let’s give it a go. We go to your speed and don’t do anything you are uncomfortable with!!! I’m a huge fan of massage and hugging. The things I do not offer are anal and unprotected sex.

Access At My Place

I do have a manual wheelchair accessible ground floor flat, for standard and smaller size manual chairs. There is parking 5 meters from the front door. Blue badge holders park free, others will need me to give them a parking permit. The tube station is a 5 – 10 minute walk or 15 minute slow walk. There are regular buses from the tube to partially my front door if walking is out of the question. The tube and buses are both wheelchair accessible. I have a ramp into the building then a small lip over my front door threshold. I have a wet room with accessible shower seat and grab rails. I have a higher toilet then the standard with fold out grab rails. The door widths are standard and not widened. The bed is daily transferable along with the settee =)

Visiting You

I have lots of different cold drinks to offer and P.A’s are more then welcome to wait in another room or go to a local cafe (plenty to choose from). I love to stick candles on and some music along with soft multi coloured lights. You are more then welcome to bring a playlist or any special requests. The bedding and towels are of a very high standard so as to not cause irritation and to be more comfortable and pleasurable.

My Ideal Client

Someone who is excited about what we could get up to. Someone who loves to be pampered and tactile. Who loves the company of an easy going open women =)

My contact details

Phone: 07504628487



Hours:  I am available on: *Tuesday *Wednesday *Thursday All days above I am available from 10am to 8pm. I am happy to arrange dinner dates and overnights on these days also =)

Charges:  I do not charge more for my services, so this is a complete list with no hidden charges or extras =) 1 hour: In call – £100, Outcall – £120 1.5 hours: In call – £160, Outcall – £180 2 hours: In call – £200, Outcall – £220 3 hours: In call – £300, Outcall – £320 Overnight (10 hours roughly): In call – £1000, Outcall – £1200 If more time is wanted please add an extra £60 for every half hour and £100 for an extra hour =)