Testimonies from Service Users

Anonymous Male


I’m 21 years old and live in the West Country. I was born with cerebral palsy, with an eye condition called CVI . I have recently decided to use a wheelchair and can navigate around fairly well, but am less able to read or see details close up. This means I find it difficult recognizing faces and reading facial expressions, so forming a relationship with someone new is not easy. I’m lucky to have had a couple of girlfriends, and loved them dearly, but the sexual side of things was not successful. One seemed unwilling, the other controlled by her parents.

Because of this failure with girls, after the last break-up, I decided to gain some sexual experience and confidence by visiting an escort. Luckily I found a really brilliant girl in my home town, via the TLC website.

On my first visit, I was very nervous, but she knew how to cope with my impaired body and gave me a really good time. I did not want intercourse because I was too terrified the condom might slip off and then I might catch something, but she gave me a delicious blow job.

Even though I had not got as far as I wanted, and needed to learn more to really gain confidence, I decided not to do it again. I would look for a partner instead. When this search brought no luck, I realized I did need more confidence, so I booked another session.

I am so glad I did, because this young lady is really good at teaching me things after discussing how I feel and what I’m afraid of. She has taught me that using plenty of lube during intercourse means the condom won’t fall off. She has taught be how to suck breasts. And I always come away feeling great, and like a confident man. Next session will cover other things about how to please a woman.

I live with my parents and don’t pay much rent, so I have enough money from my benefits to pay for sexual services. My mother is cool about me enjoying these visits, but I get the vibe that she’d rather not know the details, and she won’t tell my Dad what I am doing.

I am so impressed by the service I’ve had that I truly believe that sex workers would make much better sex and disability teachers in schools, compared with the useless and negative information that I gained at school.

And what’s so great about the visits is that, with “no strings attached”, and no aspirations for love, you can really focus on learning positive things about your body.

To those disabled people who feel too nervous to give it a try, I’d say, “just give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose, and sexual pleasure and education are really important to a human being”.

Johnny M Y Wheels is a campaigner on this topic and has had an article published on Joe Reddington’s website. He presents a programme on the local radio.


Anonymous Female

I came across the TLC website by chance as I was researching sex surrogates. As I am a woman, this type of quest might seem unusual to many. But due to a combination of ill health and traumatic personal experiences, I had spent a long period of time avoiding physical contact and intimacy, but had reached a point where I felt confident enough to address the situation. I had many concerns, about safety especially, but I liked the way the website gave non-nonsense information and everything seemed very open. Why did I decide to use the service rather than try to meet someone the ‘traditional way’ through the dating scene? I was keen to work with ‘professionals’, as I thought that after all they knew what they were doing and also working with people with all kind of issues, disabilities and health issues meant they had experience of dealing with situations that might not be easy/obvious for others to deal with. I emailed the TLC main contact and then had a telephone conversation with Tuppy who I liked immediately, as she was very straight-forward and funny. She passed on to me two contacts and advised me not to start with trying to set up a full sexual encounter but instead work with a practitioner who offered full body massage as a way to reconnect with myself physically, then to consider taking the next step. Having these recommendations made all the difference. I started my journey by exchanging emails with the first contact so that he could understand my needs better and then set up a booking. I was extremely nervous but the gentleman providing the service was kind, professional and at all time made it clear that I was able to stop anything that I did not like. In the end, everything went well and was far less difficult then I expected. Having taken this first step I then corresponded briefly with the second person I had been put in touch with and set up a booking. Again, the practitioner was lovely, caring, very open and had a great sense of humour and he made me feel safe at all time. Both experiences have been really helpful and, in some way, much less of a ‘big deal than I thought they were going to be, in setting me back onto the path of being ‘physical’ again and I probably wouldn’t have done this had it not been for TLC.

Lady in Canada

I have looked through your website and am impressed  with the support you provide for people with disabilities. It is good to know that disabled people have the opportunity to enjoy sex and other forms of intimacy in a safe environment.
I know you are based in the UK, but was wondering if you knew of similar organizations in Canada?  I am a middle aged woman with spina bifida and I would probably take the route of an escort to explore the serial aspect of who I am. But the buying sex is currently illegal in Canada.