Applying to be a  Provider

If you would like to offer your services simply fill out and submit the form below. Inclusion is not automatic as your application will need initial vetting by an experienced volunteer at TLC.

Please take a look at an exemplary profile to refer to as a guideline. We feel this example is perfect in terms of the information needed by disabled clients.

Before you complete the form have an image of yourself ready to upload. Images are limited to a maximum of 1 megabyte in size. If your image is larger than that please email it to

If you wish to change the wording or image later please send your amendments to


Producing your Profile

Use a tasteful, clear photo, not showing exposed genitalia, or bodily fluids. Please bear in mind that the photo you choose is your first point of call with any potential client – a poor photo will immediately put people off – so if you don’t have a good picture – get one taken.

Sex Workers must have your own registered website or be on Adult Work or The phone number on website/s must match the one you give us.
NB You can get a website created for you for £100, with hosting, by a reputable company such as
Finally, your phone number must be valid.

Sexological bodyworkers, psychosexual somatic practitioners and Tantric practitioners must be trained and accepted by reputable bodies and these should be mentioned in your profile.

Striptease artists should state in their profile an example of where you work.
Your profile will be considered within one week (or as soon as possible), so do look to see it has gone live. If it does not appear, you have been rejected. You can try again, having used the guidelines above.
We hope you will put an acceptable profile up and encourage other workers to do the same.

Provider Application