Profile: Jewel of Edinburgh

About Me

What I look like:  I’m petite and shapely, with long dark hair, an hourglass figure and a brain that’s able to keep a relatively decent conversation going.

My personality:  I love a good joke, I’m optimistic and positive, I take delight in being told how attractive I am and enjoy making people happy in return. I find sex work most rewarding.

Languages:  I speak English and rude English. I also have a basic understanding of sign language.


Experience with paralysis:  I can operate a hoist and recently learnt to work the fancy height adjustable toilet seat! For my own benefit, of course.

Clients say:  My clients describe me as great fun, bossy but caring, giving a lovely but also a loving experience.

I think of our time together as intimacy. I would never act like I’m selling you services and I would be turned off by a client who acts like a service buyer.

What I Offer You

Clientele:  Any gender, as long as you are over 18.

Teaching and Empathy:  I’ll enjoy talking you through our date, teaching you and reassuring, and we can experiment together to find what works for you.

Sexual Services:  Cuddling, kissing, oral sex, vaginal sex. Any sex is protected only.

Striptease etc.:  I could do a striptease if you really want it, but I enjoy cuddling and caressing (and other things we can do together) far more than solo activities like dancing.

Girlfriend Experience?  Any experience with me is a girlfriend experience. But for an extra fee I can also nag, make you do the washing up and argue about whose turn it is to take the rubbish out.

Welcome PAs?  When visiting you, I won’t mind your PA in the living room as long as we are the only ones in the bedroom.

I am not very keen on using sex toys but always willing to try if this is what you are looking for.

Access At My Place: I do not have a place to receive clients.

Description of My place:  I do not receive clients at my home but after a phone chat and a deposit I’ll be happy to book a room in your-disability-friendly hotel and receive you there.

You’ll find more details on my website, and if there’s anything else you need to know – just ask. I always do my best to help.

Visiting You

What area?  I’ll visit you anywhere with a railway station, or a cab drive away from Edinburgh.

What distance?  Preferably not more than 2 hours by train away from Edinburgh. You can also check my Tours page.

Extra charges?  I charge £30 for travelling. This usually covers a cab ride from me to you (or to Waverley) and back in Edinburgh. If a train journey is involved, I’ll add the ticket fee to this. If you get in touch with your location, I’ll be able to give you the exact figure.

My Ideal Client

I am attracted to people with a passion in their lives, no matter what it is. And a clean shave never harmed anyone. Also, you should be open about what you want and eager to take part rather than sit back and watch.

My contact details



Charges:  £200 for an hour, £280 for 1.5 hours, £350 for 2 hours

Please have a look at my website, it’ll help you decide if I’m the right person for you. If you have a question that is not covered there, do get in touch, I’m here to help.