Sexual Pleasures

69 mutual, simultaneous oral sex

Adult Baby Play  wearing baby clothes, having you nappies changed, playplayin in a playpen and be suckled by a mummy

Anal penetration of the anus with finger, penis or dildo

Analingus oral sex on the anus, also called rimming

Aural Sex getting off on erotic sounds and words

BDSM = Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism

Bear play playing with a cub by being cuddly and overwhelming

Bi = bisexual sexually interested in both genders

Blow Job oral stimulatuion of the penis (may also use hands)

Breathing to reach orgasm a technique of breathing rythmically (and sometimes grunting)  in order to produce an orgasm, something which usually needs to be taught by a Tantric or Taoist practioner

Bottom a sexually submissive person

Boy playing with a Daddy for a BDSM relationshop

Branding the use of heat to make a permanent mark or design on someone’s body

Breath Play or Control careful strangulation and suffocation so that the person is safe

Bukkake lots of men having sex with one woman see also Gangbang

Butch a woman who adopts what would be considered masculine characteristics. Also a masculine homosexual

Butt Plug a sex toy for insertion into the rectum

CD = Cross Dressing dressing up as the opposite gender. Sometimes done for sexual arousal, and sometimes to fulfill a personal need

Come Out accept and admit to one’s homosexuality / lesbian feelings and actively enjoy them

COF = Cum On Face man ejaculates on woman’s face

Completion sex which ends in orgasm

Cub a man interested in Bears – aa bearded big-barrel-chested men

Cunnilingus giving a woman oral sex

Daddy man who plays with a boy for a BDSM experience

Docking sliding the forskins back and forward over each other’s penis (not safe sex) If the clitoral hood is large, a man and woman could try it

Drag dressing up as the opposite gender

Dyke lesbian

Ejaculation the final stage of male orgasm, when semen is shot out. Some women ejaculate on orgasm spraying fluid which is liquid from the Skene’s glands (the paraurethral glands). Care should be taken not allow the ejaculate to enter another person’s body, as this can spread infections

Electicity Play stimulation using sex toys such as TENS units which can stimulate orgasm

Exhibitionism Client may wish the sex worker to watch or else need a third party to watch him or her in action. Closed circuit TV is supplied in good brothels.

Gangbang one person has sex with lots of others also called Bukake if the former is a woman

G-spot massage This is massage focused in the lower front wall of the vagina: where the sensitive G-spot sits. Massage can result in the release of female ejaculate also known as amrita – a clear, sweetish liquid which comes from the Skene’s glands and exits in a spurt via the ducts around the urethra (where urine comes out). Physical and emotional release frequently result. This massage could perhaps teach a disabled woman who has trouble enjoying genital pleasure, to feel it from around her G-spot.

Intimacy honest and open chatting about sex with close cooing, cuddling, kissing, nose rubbing and all kinds of sex including oral sex

Face Sitting In BDSM, a form of erotic humiliation, whereby the dom sits on the face of a sub to force oral-genital or oral-anal contact

FK = French Kissing kissing with open mouths and using tongues

Fantasy Enactment providing the facilities to help the client live out their fantasy, which might be anything to popping balloons to crossing a high bridge over a ravine

Fisting placing a fist into an orifice – vagina or anus

FTM = female to male  a female who a has become a man

Genderfuck someone who likes to dress up to look like a man and a woman

GS = Golden Shower urinating on someone

Handballing placing an arm up a rectum (needs to be done with great care)

Handjob bringing a man to orgasm using a hand

HH = half hour short session

HJ = Handjob masturbation using the hand

Gang Bang lots of one gender having sex with one person

Kegel grip contracting the kegal muscles in the vagina to clench on the penis when inside the woman. This can have the effect of bringing them both to orgasm

Little Blue Helper Viagra

LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual

LL = Lipstick Lesbian woman who enjoys women and their clothes  sexually and is femme (very feminine)  herself

MILF = mother I’d like to fuck ie fancying older women

MTF = male to female somebody who has changed gender from male to female

Mutual Masturbation both parties masturbate beside each other

MJ = massage job ie sex using hands only

Off the Clock  activities and time which service providers isn’t charging for

Oral sex involving the stimulation of the genitalia with the mouth

OWC = oral sex without a condom

Over the Knee spanking

Outcall service provider comes to client rather than client visiting her

O2P = privates to privates rubbing genitals together without penetration

Partialism an erotic attraction to a body part

Piercing making a hole in someone’s body for a ring to be put through. Many people have genital piercing. The Prince Albert (through the frenulum and out through the urethra), guiche through the perineum and a triangle (above the clitoris) , Needle play piercings are taken out after sexual play

PM = Prostate Massage involves an internal massage of the prostate gland (reached through the anus). This area of the body is rich in nerve endings, and will lead to orgasm. This is useful for disabled men, those with spina bifida in particular, who find it difficult to reach orgasm by masturbating the penis, or whose orgasms are weak

Poppers amyl nitrate, which is inhaled to raise the heartbeat during orgasm. Now illegal and inadvisable because so many men take Viagra before visiting sex workers

Queer a person who is homosexual, bisexual and even multisexual

Reverse Half and Half intercourse followed by oral sex to completion

SadoMasochism or S/M consensual power-play fantasy enactment for sexual arousal, using bondage and discipline, corporal punishment and/or humiliation. More recently, the preferred term is BDSM

Safe / Safer Sex sex without allowing bodily fluids to enter the other partner, either through the avoidance of penetration, or by using a conventional condom or a female condom

Scat sex involving shitting. Very dangerous if the shit is eaten

Sensual Massage massage which ends with masturbation to orgasm

Sixty nine mutual oral sex

Smoothie removing all hair from your body (not head) to become pleasently smooth

Swallow swallowing semen

Swinging when couples have sex with another person or partners

Tie and Tease a game whereby one person has control over the other’s orgasm often with the use of physical (SM) restraints

Thigh dildo sex some people whose partner cannot get an erection strap a dildo to his thigh so they can enjoy penetration while playing with is genitals

Toy Boy a young man who is kept by his female lover

Toys (sometimes called ‘aids’) used to enhance pleasure, e.g. dildos, for penetration, vibrators to produce orgasm and floggers to inflict pain. No toy has yet been created for disabled people who have limited arm movement to activate a sex toy themselves in order to achieve orgasm. Hence the importance of sex workers for them.

Vanilla – straight sex i.e. not bondage, Sado-Masochism or fetishistic sex

Voyeurism watching a sex show – either spontaneous (as in “dogging”) or enacted as in striptease or lesbian or boy/girl acts

Water Sports sex involving urination

Wax Play dripping melted wax onto someone’s skin as an ac of BDSM

Types of Sex Work

Actress old fashioned pseudonym for sex worker

Amateur someone who sometimes accepts money or gifts in exchange for sex

ASP Adult Sex Provider

Away-Day Girls part-time sex workers who travel to a city away from home to earn extra cash anonymously, usually without telling their friends and family

Bar Girl name given to the sex workers in Thailand and neighboring countries, who sit with customers in between their performances on stage. They can be hired by the hour, day or week. However, they sometimes have to finish their shift before being released by the Mamasan

BFE = Boyfriend Experience – see GFE

Call Girl high class escort who takes consignments, often abroad and sometimes spends an entire week with a client

CFS  = Covered Full Service  Sexual intercourse with a condom

Clipper a street worker who takes the money from a potential client in the street and promises to meet him round the corner, but runs off with his money

Contact advertiser seeking generous gentleman female sex worker who advertises in a contact magazine posing as a horny housewife

Courtesan a court sex worker i.e. used by royalty and dignitaries

Cruising Rent Boy male who sells sex to other men he meets in the park or in the street

Dominatrix sex worker who sells domination, bondage and humiliation, which may or may not include intercourse or other sexual relief at the end of the session

Enabler a friend or sex worker who comes to physically support a disabled couple to enjoy the kind of sex that they want to enjoy, but cannot actually manage on their own

Escort strictly speaking a sex worker hired out through an agency. She/he visits the client in latter’s home or hotel room. Usually employs a driver to take them to and fro, wait outside and be available in case the escort is attacked or otherwise endangered. The new SOA 2003 issued to the police has made escort agencies virtually legal Many independent sex workers still call themselves escorts

Four handed massage when two practitioners work on a client at the same time, pampering simultaneously as they create a flood of sensation all over the client’s body. This overload of stimulation makes it easier for the receiver to let themselves go. It might help a disabled person to feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that they forget their negative attitudes to their body, and perhaps the pain which it brings them. It may also be good for people with athetoid cerebral palsy, because two people might be better placed to deal with the client’s body.

Full Service sex including intercourse

Gambling Companion amateur or professional who goes gambling with the client and is then given a percentage of the latter’s winnings in return for sex

Gambling Gift sex workers paid by a casino to entertain and have sex with its high spenders after they leave the casino

GFE = Girlfriend Experience Spending time out of bed, perhaps having a meal or walking through the park, so that the client feels, for a short time, ilke they are in a relationship. This is popular with some disabled people who gain kudos from being seen (perhaps holding hands and flirting) with a gorgeous ‘partner’ and can enjoy the pleasures themselves.

Gangbang  lots of people having sex with one individual

Gigolo old fashioned term for man who sells sex to women

HE = Happy Ending massage ending with a handjob so that the client reaches orgasm

HME = Honeymoon Experience romantic and extra-passionate and intense sex (usually a sales hype).

Hostess girl who works in a nightclub, and may encourage clients to spend money on Champagne. She may or may not leave with the client for sex. See Clip Joint in following section

Madame Proprietress of an an escort agency

Maid the person who answers the phone and books the schedule for an independent sex worker

Market trader girls who service husbands down an alley on a Saturday while the wife does the shopping

Masseur / Masseuse sex worker who either poses as a massage expert, or who really has that expertise. In this context it is expected that he/she finishes of with a hand job, blow job or full sex. NB massage therapists do not sell sex

Mistress sometimes refers to a dominatrix, sometimes to a woman who is kept by her lover in return for sexual services, sometimes the girlfriend of a married man

Mummy a person who sees adult babies and may change their nappies, feed them with a bottle and provide a playpen for them to romp in.

Part Timer someone who does not rely on prostitution for a living but does it to pay off bills from time to time

Payment in Kind someone who trades sexual favours for rent, food etc

Play term usually referring to taking part in BDSM activities or swinging

Phone Sex Operator sex worker who supplies verbal sex over the telephone – now extended to Internet sex. They need to be skilled actors and/or actresses with quick responses and good imaginations

PSE porn star experience allowing the client to experience what it’s like to perform in a porn movie or date a porn star

Pro-Domme – a professional dominatrice who works with subs and those who enjoy submission, masochism and degration. Even severely impaired clients ask to be beaten.

Red Light Window Worker woman who sits in a window in a red light district to attract customers. Once the potential client has made his selection, he steps inside to negotiate, the curtains are drawn and the sex begins

Rent Boy / Rent male who sells sex to other men

Sacred Prostitute in Phoenician temples in ancient times, women hired out their bodies in the service of religion. They dressed as the goddess, eg Astarte, whom they served. Male worshippers thought they were copulating with a manifestation of the deity. It was common practice throughout Western Asia for women who were about to be married to earn money this way and donate it to the temple or keep part of it as a dowry

Self Service the establishment provides a chair or throne for the client to sit on and masturbated while the service provided does a striptease dance

Sex Club Worker performs striptease or sex acts on stage, hoping to be selected by someone in the audience. Once selected, they go to a private room to enjoy each other. Some sex workers pay to work at these establishments as they can earn a great deal during the evening. These establishments are commonplace in the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and in certain parts of southern Africa

Sexological Bodyworker someone trained to provide hands-on and talk to clients who have sexual blocks and problems. They wear clothes including surgical gloves to touch their clients. They will masturbate them and make them aware of all the pleasures their bodies can experience. They do not have sex with the client.

Sex Worker name chosen by the people who provide sexual services, replacing derogatory terms such as prostitute, tart, hooker, whore and harlot

Sexual Assistants the legal way to provide sexual services to disabled people in Europe. Men and women  are trained and then introduced to clients.

Striptease dancing seductively and taking one’s clothes off. Disabled people often enjoy this and find it aspirational.

Stag Girl girls who provide a show to a group of men and then service them with their hands and mouths. Commonly arranged for bridegroom’s night before his wedding

Street Worker sex worker who works from the street, traditionally leaning up against a lamp post but usually at a bus stop or at the traffic lights, responding to pedestrians and to kerb crawlers seeking sex. The deal is struck before the sex worker gets into the car and the sex may take place in the car or in a nearby back alley, a deserted industrial area, a room or hotel. In some cities the method is reversed and the street workers drive their own cars and collect clients from the pavement. This is common in Germany where girls cruise around towns in shiny white Mercedes sports cars

Submissive Sex worker who is willing to be beaten or whipped by a client who is a dom/ domme.

Surrogate someone who works in conjunction with a sex therapist to provide the client with sexual experiences to help the therapeutic process. Often used to help phobic and inexperienced clients, and clients without partners or whose partners refuse therapy

Taoist work (also sometimes written, and aways pronounced Daoist) These focus on becoming aware of the circulation of energy through the body, including sexual energy, and learning to direct that flow at will

Tantric Practitioner someone who is trained in Tantric sex and sells their  skills. This teaches disabled people how to enjoy goal free sex, and enjoy touch rather than aiming at intercourse and orgasm

Threesome having sex with two people. This can be a good idea for severely physically disabled people who may need one person to support their bodies to engage in the sex they want to enjoy

Trade male who sells sex to other men

Transformation Service Service which assists transvestities to cross dress, and may include sexual relief at the end

Travelling sex worker a sex worker who spends time in various locations selling sexual services. For example:

  •  following the Arab holiday circult, visiting London, Geneva and Paris
  • working the truck stops and service stations
  • renting a house/room in a remote area of the country and servicing all the locals she/he finds through an advertisement online or in The Sport or local free newspaper
  • Visiting conferences and sports events such as the Grand Prix, Waterloo Cup or Cheltenham Cup, to help the winners spend their money and gentlemen enjoy themselves away from home, At a boxing tournament in a London hotel, there were more rooms upstairs booked by sex workers than by the boxing fans!

Virtual Reality Sex Work where the client pays to see themselves making love with someone

Webcam worker – a person who sells sex online using a computer and a webcam service. Reliable services are Ifriends and Cam4.

Working from Flat Alone independent sex worker working from rented premises.  It is stressful and lonely to run everything alone, facing strangers at the door and intolerant neighbours, dealing with phone calls and broken appointments, handling their online presence, the laundry and bills, etc. Until recently, British law allowed the employment of a maid, but the police have recently started arresting maids and prosecuting, with the excuse that they are targeting “nuisance brothels”. The maid can be convicted of “controlling a prostitute”.

Some residential leases forbid premises from being used for “immoral purposes” so sex workers hiring flats have no sense of security

Working from Flat in a Group preferred style of work for many people as they share responsibilities and have each other for support. The chosen style of sex work, especially where it is legal, e.g. New Zealand and New South Wales and also where sex work is heavily criminalised, e.g. in Glasgow

Places Where Sex Work Takes Place

Bar certain bars worldwide specialise in prostitution, usually providing music for dancing. Indeed, it was the whore bars of New Orleans where jazz evolved. In the Caribbean and Central America, whore bars allow tourists and families to come inside to eat and drink and soak up the atmosphere. In Singapore the place to buy sex is in the Karaoke bars!

Brothel mansions, houses flats, shacks or boats, catering to customers who come for sex. They usually provide a choice of sex worker and clients may watch them parade in front of them to make their selection. Some brothels specialise in gay sex or Sado-Masochism. Some provide a menu of services. They are often carefully designed so that clients never meet each other on the staircase. This was not the situation in the famous Streatham brothel run by Cynthia Payne where the staircase was busy and clients were issued with luncheon vouchers to spend upstairs. Some brothels insist that the sex workers stay for periods of time, such as a fortnight without leaving, sleeping in-house and eating communally.

Many massage parlours are, in fact, brothels. Some brothels are opulent and others depressingly perfunctory. Brothels are currently illegal in the UK. Sadly some of our best-run brothels have been closed down in recent years with the owners serving custodial sentences, despite much praise being offered in mitigation by their employees in court

Clip Joint dive where clients seeking to buy sex are ripped off

Dance Hall traditionally the place to find sex workers in the US until the 50s. Dance Halls of certain hotels in Dubai and other Arab countries are where guests find commercial bed partners. Dancing with a potential service provider has the advantage that it allows both to discoverif there is any chemistry between them.

Dungeon also called Party Space, Parlour or Playroom  apartment, house, room or basement kitted out with equipment for BDSM (Bondage, Discipline or Sado-Masochism). Equipment might include a rack, suspension device, whipping bench, testicle constrictor, whips, paddles, a kennel, TV clothing and bath. May be used by one dominatrix or a team of doms and subs

Escort Agency agency which hires out escorts for a fee. The escort may make a separate deal for supplying sex

Fantasy Parlour similar to a dungeon but catering to a wider range of fantasies, for example balloon popping and theatrical scenarios

Flat see Working from flat

Health Club (for men) exclusively male brothels

Hotel Bar Operator sex worker who sits in hotel bars and finds customers, negotiates the deal over a drink and then does the business upstairs in one of the hotel rooms (which she or he has hired)

Hotel de Passe / Un clandé French terms for a hotel catering to clandestine sex in the afternoon between lovers and for commercial sex transactions. Some such establishments encourage the doors to be left ajar for extras such as voyeurism, exhibitionism and group sex. Sex workers are not supplied, except in exceptional circumstances. Some British motels and hotels also let rooms out by the hour for quickies, but with less panache than are found in France

Hotel Room Visitor sex worker who roams around the hotel corridors knocking on doors hoping for trade, or one who has been booked by a hotel guest

Hotel Escort sex worker supplied by the concierge, to the hotel guest. Usually done in return for a tip payed to the concierge, or the fee is added to the hotel bill

Housewife Hooker housewives sometimes use the front room for business while hubby watches the football on television in the back room and the children are hopefully asleep upstairs. Or else she uses the house for selling sex while everyone else is out at work or at school

Single sex workers avoid working from home otherwise they get no peace at night there.

Lap Dancing with extras sex which takes place inside a private cublcle at a lap dancing club, or afterwards outside the club, for a fee. Lap dancers pay clubs to be allowed to dance there and solicit fees for private dancing

Markets and Town Centres  see Market Trader

Massage Parlour establishment where clients usually pay for massage at the front desk before entering a private room for sexual pleasure. They negotiate a tip for extras with the sex worker. Although massage parlours have been licensed in certain parts of the country, e.g. around the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, many are seedy and exploitative. Only too often sex workers complain that they are not allowed to refuse clients they don’t like, and are sometimes not even allowed to use condoms!

Online see Webcam worker

Orgy Club specially designed houses and clubs, traditionally in Switzerland and Belgium providing a bevy of females for clients to enjoy group sex with. Now becoming the latest trend in Britain, with male clients being charged around £120 for the evening’s orgy, usually taking place in the organiser’s home

Phone Lines most are pre-recorded by actors. Some are answered in person by talented operators. The latter may be instructed to make the caller reach orgasm as slowly as possible, so that the company reaps the highest profits

Sitting in Window see Red Light Window Worker

Sauna similar to massage parlour but the preferred term in the North of Britain. Usually has a Jacuzzi and sauna facilities, with cubicles off the side for sex. Saunas in Edinburgh have started to be raided by the police.

Sex Motel in Japan, USA, Central and South America and the Caribbean, fantasy hotels are popular, providing bedrooms with romantic and erotic décor. Some of these hotels also provide partners.

Sex Club see Sex  Club Worker

Street see Street Worker

Theme Brothel brothels in Japan are often given themes so that the clients enter a fantasy world. For example, the interior of a tube train is recreated and the clients can fondle and “molest” the females traveling in the same carriage. These are very popular and themes may be changed on a monthly basis.

Turkish Bath similar to Health Club

Various Places see Travelling Sex Worker

Types of Client

Bachelor Party group of men who club together to hire some sex workers in order to enjoy a sex party

Couple – lovers who visit a sex worker together for a threesome or for one to watch the other enjoying him or herself

Kerb Crawler person who drives slowly hoping to hire a street worker. Kerb crawlers may be annoying to pedestrians but no more so than pneumatic drills, car fumes, or kerbs to those in wheelchairs or pushing prams. Criminalising kerb crawlers is completely unfair

John slightly derogatory word for a man who pays women for sex

No Show a client who books an appointment but fails to turn up. Sometimes the client loses the urge once they reach the door, or they become too nervous or guilt-ridden to keep the booking but they should cancel and apologise, offering a cancellation fee.

Punter vernacular and usually affectionate word for client

Slave client who is treated badly, maybe trampled on or shouted at, told what to do or made to serve the sex worker

Sub – client who seeks corporal punishment, humiliation bondage or a scary experience

Time Waster someone who phones up a sex worker for a lark

Ugly Mug name for an abusive client. Ugly Mugs is a part of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects based in Manchester, who expose these people to warn others and put an end to their crimes.

Voyeur – client who wants to watch the sex worker put on a display and perhaps masturbate

Support Control Networks

Baron controls a patch of street/s and all the sex trade therein. Is paid a fee by each sex worker on his patch and is also entitled to sex with them, i.e. a gangster

Carders before everyone had mobile phones, carders were  paid to place advertising cards (referred to in the press as tart cards) in phone boxes first thing in the morning, after they had been removed by the authorities the previous day. BT set up TRAP – Targeted Recording and Processing to bar numbers and Westminster Council was trying to force mobile phone companies to follow suit

Contact Magazine ceased thanks to the internet. Most contact magazines issued a statement to the effect that there shall be no commercial adverts but this is difficult to enforce and most “single” females were in fact hoping for remuneration

Door-to-Door Supplier tradesman supplying condoms, lingerie, sex toys and luxury goods to sex workers who work in flats. A potential mine of information, but always discrete

Driver/Minder man (usually) who drives escorts to clients and waits outside while they do the business, using a mobile phone to touch base and ensure the sex worker is safe

Maid name used for the personal assistant who is hired by a sex worker to handle the clients as they enter and leave, and may also do housework, administration and even help with the sexual pleasuring. If sexual pleasuring is not included, the hiring of the assistant is normally tolerated by the British legal system, although police have been known to arrest maids for the criminal offence of controlling prostitutes

Mamasan woman who controls the sex workers in the bars in Thailand (and neighboring countries) sometimes negotiating the deals and working out the percentages

Outreach Worker paid or volunteer health workers who make contact with street workers and provide them with condoms and support

Personal Adverts personal advertisements for commercial sex are illegal but recently widely tolerated in Britain. Traditionally, sex workers advertised in the newsagents’ window, in telephone boxes and columns in the free press, and certain newspapers such as the International Herald Tribune. Some adverts are now found in The Sport and Loot but most is online. Sex workers pay to be listed on websites and write their own profiles

Pimp The classic pimp is seen as the man who controls a group or a single sex worker, sending her, or them, out to work, taking much of the money earned and providing some good sex when he feels like it, or to exercise more control. Drugs are often part of the equation. The New Style Pimp includes boyfriends and people who run massage parlours and saunas.

Better distinctions are as follows:-

  1. a) Coercive Pimp – who controls sex workers and exploits them abusively
  2. b) Friendly Pimp – who runs sex workers and cares for them in a paternal fashion, whilst still being in command
  3. c) Administrator personal assistant who runs the administration for a sex worker who is in command
  4. d) Boyfriend – may or may not be coercive and abusive, may or may help his partner in her work, and may or may not live off her earnings
  5. e) Executive Pimp social secretary who organises the hiring of sex workers for his/her boss

Trafficker person who organizes the transport, immigration papers and work place for people coming from abroad to work. Usually uses a debt contract so that the sex worker has to repay the travel and other fees before earning any money for herself. Many of these workers hope to send money home to their impoverished families. The trafficker finds these workers by various methods and some may sold by their parents. It has been suggested that others have been kidnapped, which seems unnecessary, as there is no shortage of Eastern European and Asian women wanting to come to the West. Measures have to be taken to stop the sex workers absconding before the debt is paid, and these may include the removal of papers and freedom.

Websites numerous websites feature sex workers who advertise their services. If you are looking for someone suitable for your disabled client (or are a disabled client) you can go to on Adult Work, for example, and make what is called a ‘reverse booking’ whereby you advertise for someone to meet the required needs. This saves trawling though pages of unsuitable providers. Some websites, the most famous of which is Punternet, provide reviews of the quality of service which are provided.