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Dame Helen “I am a complete believer in legal brothels” Mirren

For disabled men and women
to find responsible sexual services
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Just as your residential home or college brochure states 'Priest available to visit', so it should state 'Sex worker available to visit.
Ariana Chevalier, independent escort and sex coach


Dame Helen “I am a complete believer in legal brothels” Mirren

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14 October 2015
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You have arrived at our really treasured site and we hope you find what you are looking for.

We provide opportunities for disabled people to legally hire sex workers, be they sexual surrogates, escorts, Sexological Bodyworkers, or Tantric and Taoist practitioners.

Disabled people may use sexual services for many reasons: you may need to be taught what your bodies are capable of, how to please a partner, to enjoy a wonderful sexual / girlfriend or boyfriend experiences, lose your virginity, experiment and, for some, have orgasms which otherwise you cannot achieve alone.

The costs involved are not much higher than any other professional services and you can legitimately have your need written into your care package, or ask for money for Christmas / save up.

Rest assured that all the professionals on this site (and other respectable sites) will be free from sexually transmitted infections. In fact, they request that clients cancel if you have an infection such as a cold, since catching any infection would prevent them from working for a while.

We ask women to contact us if you wish to hire a male sex worker. It’s too easy to be lured by unprofessional guys, so we would rather you came to us, so we can help you find someone suitable. Women contact us for all kinds of reasons and perhaps the most impressive was when a mildly learning disabled young lady phoned to say she wanted to buy herself a shag for her 25th birthday!

Like all other clients, sexual expression may mean many things, and we would like to say to disabled people that you will not be judged by your requests, however embarrassing you find them. People who provide sexual services have heard it all before, and are totally discreet. For many disabled people, just being in a warm set of arms, and having their bodies accepted, is incredibly powerful and helps you build your sexual confidence and walk tall (or wheel tall) in the world. Having your sexuality taken seriously without stigma or disapproval can be liberating and life-changing. For some, actually enjoying an orgasm at last can bring your life into balance.

We are working on a specialist service for people who are unable to masturbate and please contact us if you need such a service.

Health and social care professionals are often needed to support their disabled clients find a sexual service and prepare for each session. We hear dreadful stories of disabled clients being denied such support, and one sex worker reported that her client’s care team refused to wash him after a session! Please note: spunk is not disgusting or dangerous, in fact it is quite nutritious!

  • it is illegal NOT to support your service users and clients to enjoy the same pleasures as others enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.
  • it is perfectly legal to make phone calls on your client’s behalf
  • it is perfectly legal for for a disabled resident to invite a sex worker into their room in their residential establishment or hospice.
  • the law around a residential home actually paying for this service is complicated, seek legal guidance.
  • local authorities and personal benefits certainly can legally, and do, in some circumstances, cover costs.
  • if your client lacks mental capacity, you and members of your practice can decide what is in their best interest and document how this decision was reached and, once this is done, legally proceed to find sexual help for him or her.

If you feel ill-equipped to discuss sex with clients, or feel insure about initiating discussions, see www.sexualrespect.com.

Some parents may understandably prefer not to be involved , but there is no one else to do it. You can rest assured that service providers you find on reputable sites are all reliable, honest and highly professional and we have never had a complaint in since we began in 2000.

To find a sexual service, please note: we do not normally get involved in setting up a booking – so just look at the profiles in your area and contact the ones you think would be good, to make sure they are right for the job. If your carer is unwilling to support you in this, however, do contact us.

If there is no service provider listed on this site suitable for your needs and/or local enough, type “AdultWork” or “UKAdultZone” and your home town into a search engine and look around. You will probably find plenty of choice. Telephone, discuss and listen, and you will be able to work out if they sound suitable, by the way they answer your questions. You may like to read our “Advocacy” section, in order to learn what you need to to ask on behalf of your client.

To learn more, read “About”, “Advice”, “Testimonies” and “Advocacy”.